General Surgery

With Dr. Earl L Noyan, you always have an ally on your side. He provides minimally invasive general surgery, so you get the help you need without unnecessary discomfort. Dr. Noyan has extensive experience in colon surgery for benign and cancerous diseases, hernias, gallbladder, and appendix removal. If you are in need of general surgery, call our office to discuss options available to you. Dr. Noyan is board certified and fellowship trained in both minimally invasive and bariatric surgery.


Conventional abdominal surgery used to be performed through a large mid line incision, we now use laparoscopy, which includes the use of a small camera and miniature instruments. This lets us gain access to the internal organs to perform major and minor operations without the large incisions that used to be standard practice.You experience less pain, less scarring, quicker return to normal activities, and less blood loss.

Robotic Surgery

Available for most procedures depending on your specific situation.

Woman before and after - General Surgery

Jeans Comparison - General Surgery