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About Earl L. Noyan MD

Dr. Earl Noyan was the initial Medical Director of the Weight-Loss and Metabolic Surgery Programs at both CentraState Medical Center
and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital of Hamilton since their inception. Fellowship trained and accredited as a Center of Excellence Surgeon by the Surgical Review Board.


"WEIGHT IS A WEIGHT. Not just physically, but emotionally it takes its toll," says Kyle, a Trenton minister and singer at Grace Cathedral Fellowship Ministries.

"You can't be effective in ministry with that load on you."

Nearing his thirtieth birthday, Kyle was weighing in at 315 pounds. He was taking medicine for high blood pressure, diagnosed with sleep apnea, and found out diabetes was rapidly approaching. He knew he was in trouble if he didn’t make a change.

Kyle met with Earl Noyan, MD, board certified bariatric surgeon. Together, they decided a sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve procedure, was the ideal surgical option for Kyle. “Like many others in his age group, Kyle was being proactive… to avoid chronic illnesses seen in parents or other family members,” explains Dr. Noyan.

“I feel like the Lord has really given me a new life,” Kyle says following his 165 pound weight loss. “And now the only thing I need to take every day is my vitamin.”

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